Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Gout Attack of the Year

So as of this past Saturday, I am having my first gout attack of the year. This is not all that uncommon for this time of year. Anyone who has gout knows that the colder temperatures are the time that many gout attacks occur. My current issue is that my doctor prescribed Prednisone to help with the attack. I hate Prednisone! I worked SO hard to lose 14 lbs and over the past 2 days I have gained 1/2 a lb. I have been carefully watching my calories to limit my weight gain, but boy have I been hungry! Also, I have been in lots of pain! And when you are in a financial pinch, you just take the $4 pain killers your doctor prescribes and don't worry about going buy more natural pain killers.
On the topic of pain killers, has anyone ever tried any of the more natural ways to handle a gout attack? The one I am most curious about is cherries. I personally don't know anyone who has gout that has tried eating cherries. I normally would have just taken ibuprofen, but I cannot take it with my blood pressure medicine. So my only other option is tramadol.
What has your doctor prescribed for you? And how do you handle the side affects of these medicines? I personally get a little loopy from the prednisone, but can function on the tramadol, especially at work.
I hope everyone out there is having a safe and happy gout-free week!

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